Day 1
Upon arrival to Istanbul you are going to be picked up from the airport and transferred to the hotel and enjoy your free day


Day 2
Here we start to discover the city where the old and the new meet in perfect harmony. Let’s go out and enjoy it together. After the breakfast in your hotel we will pick you up and drive to historical peninsula to visit the highlights of Istanbul: The Hippodrome, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace where the best pieces of Ottoman Treasure are on display. After having lunch we will walk to The Grand Bazaar which was built in 15th century and have more than 58 streets and visited by around 300.000 people every day. After your visit we will drop you off to your hotel. Stay overnight in Istanbul.


Day 3
After the breakfast in your hotel depending on the weather conditions we will take you on a boat cruise. As you sail on the sea you will sea Asia on one and Europe on the other side. Watching pavilions, cafes, hotels on the coast you will enjoy the natural beauties of Istanbul. After the lunch you will drive to the Spice Market and Golden Horn. Drop off to your hotel and stay in Istanbul overnight.


Day 4
After the breakfast in your hotel you start to drive to Canakkale to visit Gallipoli where WW1 took place in 1915 between Ottoman army and Allies- mostly Australian and New Zealander called Anzac. Then you will drive to Troy which has the same destiny with Gallipoli that thousands years ago another big war took place in Dardanelles. After visiting the city you will have your lunch and drive to Pergamon and stay there overnight.


Day 5
After the breakfast in your hotel you will drive to the health center of the ancient world Asklepion dedicated to the god of health Asklepios. You will find out how people used to be healed in ancient times. Then through the Red Court drive up to Acropolis- the upper city- where you will see the base of Zeus altar that the rest is in Berlin Museum, temple of Roman empire Trajan, temple of Apollon, the steepest theatre in Anatolia and the arsenals. As you finish your visit here you will have your lunch and then drive to İzmir to visit the Agora of Smyrna. Continue to Selçuk and stay there overnight.


Day 6
After the breakfast in your hotel you will drive to ancient city of Ephesus. The great theatre, the marble road, Celcius Library, fountains, agoras, Odeon is what you are going to see in the city. As you come out the city you will drive up to Bulbul Mountain (Nightingale) to visit the Virgin Mary House where Mary was supposed to spend her last times. Then you will drive to central part of Selcuk to visit St. John’s basilica which was built in 2nd AD and turned into a big complex during the reign of Justinyanus in 6th AD. After the lunch you will drive to a small village called Sirince which is an old Christian village and famous for its wine. Lunch in a nice local restaurant then drive back to hotel and stay in Selcuk.


Day 7
After the breakfast in your hotel you will start your way to Pamukkale. On the way there visit Aphrodisias the city dedicated to the goddess of beauty and love “Aphrodite” where you will see one of the largest ancient stadiums in the world, Odeon, Bishop’s Palace, Temple of Aphrodite and the museum. Continue to Pamukkale and have lunch in Pamukkale village. After the lunch drive to ancient city of Hierapolis which was and is famous for its hot spring water and has the biggest ancient necropolis (cemetery) that you can visit in Turkey. As you walk through the history you will come across with snow looking calcium formation called “Cotton Castle”. Stay in Pamukkale overnight.


Day 8
After the breakfast in your hotel, you will drive toAntalya and to the central part of the city to get on a boat which will take you to cliffed shore of Antalya and Duden Waterfall running into the Mediterranean Sea. Passing through The Hadrian Gate you will get on your vehicle and drive to a restaurant. After the lunch visit Antalya Archeological Museum return to the hotel and stay overnight.


Day 9
After the breakfast in your hotel you will drive to a Lycian city Aspendos with the best reserved Roman theatre in the world and still housing concerts and activities. Continue to Perge, a great ancient city with city walls, theatre, and Hellenistic stadium. After the lunch you will drive to Side, one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey temple of Apollon, a Roman theatre old baths and a museum. Drive back to hotel and stay overnight.


Day 10
After the breakfast in your hotel you will drive to the city of Mevlana and whirling dervishes visit the Mevlana Museum who was 13th century religious philosopher during the reign of Seljuks. Then visit the Karatay Tile Museum and Ince Minaret Mosque. After the lunch drive to Cappadocia and on the way there visit a Seljuk ınn “Sultanhanı” and arrive in your hotel in Cappadocia stay there overnight.


Day 11
Here you are on a different planet like moon. After breakfast we will discover this interesting landscape and affects of Christianity in the area. Start with Goreme Open Air Museum and the churches with frescos in it. Then you will drive to Uchisar where you will see a natural castle and the valleys on the way. Drive back to Goreme to reach Zelve and Pasabag with different style fairy chimneys. Avanos next to the Kızılırmak River famous for its hand made pottery. Drive back to hotel and stay in Cappadocia overnight.


Day 12
After the breakfast drive to Derinkuyu underground city and Ihlara Valley. A nice walking trip is waiting for you. All the way down more than 300 steps at the end of the stairs you will reach a nice river running in the valley and more Christian churches. After you finish your visit you will drive to Ankara and stay there overnight.


Day 13
After the breakfast in your hotel, we will start our way to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. We are going to visit the Anatolian Civilization Museum it is possible to see the items dating back the Paleolithic Age up to the Ottoman Period in chronologic order. After the lunch you we will drive to Rasattepe to visit the mausoleum of Ataturk the founder of Turkish Republic. Drive to Istanbul and stay there overnight.


Day 14
You are going to be transferred to the airport.

 Tour Highlights

Destination Visit


The Hippodrom
The Blue Mosque
The Hagia Sophia Museum
Topkapi Palace
Goreme Open Air Museum
Uchisar Castle
Kızılırmak River
Sultanhanı caravanserai
Mevlana Museum
Karatay Tile Museum
The Hadrian Gate
Archeological Museum
Hellenistic stadium
St. Philippe’s Martyrium
Cotton Castle
Pamukkale Village
The Mausoleum
Byzantine fortress
The Nymphoion
The Bouleterion
The Faustina Bath
Ilyas Bey Mosque
The Temple of Athena
The Prytaneum
The Agora
The Altar of Zeus and Cybele
Ephesus ancient city


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