Day 1
Arrive in Istanbul you are going to be picked up from the airport and drive to the hotel where you are going to stay overnight.


Day 2
Here you start to discover the magnificent city of İstanbul – Constantinople of Byzantine. While visiting The Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and Hagia Sophia you will step over history and make your way to- the opulent residence of Ottoman sultans viewing over the Bosphorus –Topkapi Palace. Have your lunch during the day. After this walking day you head back to your hotel and stay there overnight


Day 3
Another beautiful morning in Istanbul. After the breakfast in your hotel you start your way to Spice Market, drive along the Golden Horn and to Kabataş to get on the boat which will surf you through The Bosphorus seeing Europe on one Asia on the other side. After this boat trip you will head to Grand Bazaar. Back to the hotel and stay overnight in Istanbul.


Day 4
After the breakfast in your hotel you start early for Ankara – the capital city of Turkey-.Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in which displayed a very rich collection of the civilizations lived in Anatolia all through the history. After the lunch you visit the Mausoleum of Ataturk – the founder of Turkish Republic- and stay in Ankara overnight.


Day 5
In the morning after the breakfast you set off for Hattusa which was the capital city of the Hittites. Visit the lower city with great temple, upper city with the citadel and double walls, the royal gate, the lions gate, tunnel and go to Yazılıkaya. After your visit in Hattusa you drive to Cappadocia. Before you arrive the region on your way you visit the Derinkuyu underground city and drive to hotel stay in Cappadocia overnight.


Day 6
You have a full day to discover the unique landscape, fairy chimneys, valleys and churches in Cappadocia. You start you day visiting Göreme Open Air Museum with plenty of Christian churches dating 7th- 13rd century AD with beautiful frescos on the walls. Then you head to Zelve and Pasabagı and to Avanos located near Kızılırmak and famous for its hand made pottery. You have your lunch in the area and stay in Cappadocia overnight.


Day 7
After the breakfast in your hotel you drive to Konya through a long plato. The city of Mevlana and whirling dervishes. On the way there as you pass the city Aksaray you visit Sultanhan Cervanserai and have lunch. In Konya you visit the Museum of Mevlana and start your way to Antalya..


Day 8
In the morning you leave the hotel to visit Aspendos which has the best preserved Roman theatre in Anatolia. After you have lunch you visit Perge where you can see a theatre, a stadium. Drive back to Antalya and visit the Archeological Museum and central part of the city…and drive back to hotel.


Day 9
In the morning drive to ancient city of Myra where you can see a Roman theatre and Lycian tombs. To the land of Santa Claus Demre, visit St. Nicolas’ church. You can take a nice boat trip in Kekova seeing the ruins in the water. After this relaxing time you drive to Fethiye visit Kayaköy village and Xanthos ancient city. Stay in a hotel in Fethiye.


Day 10
After the breakfast drive through Taurus Mountains to Aphrodisias the city dedicated to the Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty, love, fertility. Visit the stadium, temple of Aphrodite, theatre, museum. After lunch drive to Pamukkale visit the unique calcium formation “cotton castle “ and the city of Hierapolis with its hot springs. Stay in a hotel in Pamukkale.


Day 11
In the morning after the breakfast drive to Priene which was one of the busiest harbours of Ionians see theatre, temple of Athena, the odeon and the agora then you drive to Miletus home of famous philosophers Thales, Anaximander , city planner Hippodomus…Continue to Didyma where you will see temple of Apollo. Have your lunch on the way and drive to Selcuk overnight.


Day 12
After the breakfast in your hotel you drive to Virgin Mary House on Nightingale Mountain then the ancient city of Ephesus seeing odeon, agora, temples, fountains, Celsus Library and great theatre. After the city you have your lunch and visit Temple of Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and St. John’s church…after Selcuk you start your way to Pergamum.


Day 13
In the morning you travel to Acropolis and visit the ancient city located on top of a mountain and drive down to Asklepion the health centre of Roman period see the way they used to heal the people…After lunch start your way to Assos visit the ancient city and stay in Assos overnight.


Day 14
After the breakfast in the hotel you drive to Troy the legendary city of Priam which faced a long war and known for its wooden horse. After the lunch you pass Dardanelles and arrive in Gallipoli visit the area where WW1 took place. Then drive to Istanbul and stay there overnight.


Day 15 Departure
Transfer you to the airport to fly back home.

 Tour Highlights

Destination Visit


The Blue Mosque
Hagia Sophia
Topkapi Palace
Golden Horn
Grand Bazaar
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
Mausoleum of Ataturk
Göreme Open Air Museum
Sultanhan Cervanserai
Museum of Mevlana
Archeological Museum
Santa Claus Demre
St. Nicolas’ church
Kayaköy village
Xanthos ancient city
Virgin Mary House
Nightingale Mountain
Celsus Library
Temple of Artemis


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