Our hospital is specialized in plastic surgery and hair transplantation .We provides highly effective,affordable cosmetic treatments that enhance your appearance and transform your self –confidence.
We offer a full range of all surgical procedures for men and women .
We have introduced thousands of patients o the benefits of our cosmetic procedures & hair transplantation and are now recognized as one of the leading names in our field .We have a hugely talented and experienced team of doctors on board who are all concerned with one one thing –achieving the best results.When you come to our hospital ,you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible .Our surgeons and doctors are committed to the highest standards.and our registration and certification of the health government is your guarantee.


Hair loss in females usually shows in either the crown or behind the hairline and progresses over time. Eventually it is possible to see the scalp though the hair. There are many causes for female hair loss including stress, hormonal and prolonged illness. Female pattern hair loss is known as Ludwig Pattern Baldness.

Hair loss for females can be a distressing situation as it is less socially acceptable than in men. Female hair loss is different from male pattern baldness in cause and in pattern of hair loss.

Before your arrival we can decide if it is possible to make for you hair transplantation or not.

Please send us 3 pictures of your hair without using the flash, from the front / back / top.
After recieving your pictures we will consult with our hair transplant specialist and will transmit you his advises.

The most important point for us is your health, so please answer to the questions below.

How old are you ?
Do you have any blood problems, like hepatitis b,c ?
Do you have any heart problems?
Do you smoke ?
Do you have any skin problems, like psoriasis?

FUE method is the last used technique which has been used since 2004.
When compared to the old method, it is a more comfortable operation for both patient and doctor.
Due to the fact that it is a technique open to the technological developments, in every passing day, it has been utilizing the benefits of technology.
Due to the used motor and edges, the operation duration is very short when compared to FUT.
In the FUE technique, the operation duration is shorter.
As no cut is made, the possibility of the patient to be convinced and feel himself/herself comfortable during the operation is higher.
FUE does not leave scar as being different from FUT technique.
In FUE, the baldness of 85% of the patients is closed with a single session. For only 15% of a patient group, a second session can be required.
In FUE, the operation duration is shorter (5 hours on average). There is no need for extra time for the grafts’ separation.
In FUE technique, the taken ones are roots which are clean and cleaned from the remains; therefore it is possible for opening smaller canals. By these means, there is no scar left in the transplantation field.
The patient is discharged without bandage on his/her head and with his/her daily hat.
FUE method which has been preferred by physicians in the earlier stage has been shown as a more trustable method by being more widespread among the doctors today.
We transplant your hair with the FUE METHOD without scars and stiches.

We use the FUE method in hairtransplantation to achieve a natural look. FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of obtaining donor hair one by one. Individual follicular units are harvested directly from the donor area, without the need for a linear incision. We use a micromotor to make a very small circular incision in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit.
FUE does not leave a scar, so you can wear your hair very short.

This method requires special know how and correct practice from the medical team in order to complete the transplantation in a way to produce positive results.

At this point you can relax, because we are working with a big staff, who are specialized on hairtransplantation.
We guarantees with a written document, that the planted hair will not fail and will look 100% natural.

In the attachment you can find some pictures of our hospital and some before / after pictures as well.

What concerns the account of grafts, according your baldness our team will decide how much grafts must be taken in order not to damage your donor area (back area of your head between two ears) so much, the account will be known during operation.


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is a method that is used in hair transplantation since 2004. With the Punch Biopsy apparatus leads to the root of the hair and hair follicular units are removed as a whole. Many of today’s hair transplantation experts prefer the motor system in order to provide time saving. With the fue motor it is possible to intake more grafts at more frequent intervals compared to the same quantity field scanning.
Thanks to Fue motor, it can be said that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation.
To avoid the pain for the patient the field where the roots will be taken as well as field cultivation that will be realized will be anesthetized locally. Made through a special needle this process doesn’t give pain and numbness occurs in 3-5 minutes. During the operation the pain is imperceptible and often painkillers are not necessary after the operation.
For the process through the motor fue the drugged area must be inflated with a special liquid. Through this surface-enhanced liquid the roots are more comfortably liberalized as well as more root is provided.
There is no need for the patients to stay in the hospital. Tissue taken area is covered with a special liquid silicone. Bandage is unnecessary. Thus, the contact with the outer region is disabled aesthetically. With a special designed hat, planting area and area where the roots were taken are covered till the patient reaches home.
For the patients in whom whole hair baldness cannot be covered with a single session, planning can be made for the second and even for the third session. In this case, it shall be ideal to wait for approximately 8 months.

Three Main features of Hair Transplantation:

1. Grafts are taken with micro-motor of size 0,6 mm, which do not make traces like spots
2. PRP Hair Transplant – blood mixes with vitamins & minerals and is injected in skin of the head, which nourishes and make stronger the transplanted hairs
3. Lateral Slit method is using – openning of channels for transplanted hairs with 25 degree, what provides natural look of growing hairs, the hairs can be cobed to that side the patient wants.

Our main features
1. We are not a clinic but a hospital with Certificate of Health Governament with its own operation rooms for plastic surgery & hair transplantation
2. We gives lifelong warranty that your hair will not never fall
3. We provides VIP services: driver, comfortable operation rooms, personal assistant speaking language the patient speaks: English / German / French / Arabic / Russian
4. An operation for every patient arrange a team of 3-4 assistants who works all day only one patient, no hurring up, no rows in corridor in order to access the operation with high quality and make the patient satisfied of the result.
5. After patients go to their country, our health advisors are everytime in contact with its patients in order the could consult or ask the questions and in addition to send pictures of hair, especially in main periods of hairs growing after transplantation: 3 months / 6 months / 1 year.

The package includes:

1. Day :
We pick you up from the airport,
Do your bloodtests and after 20 min the operation starts, if there is no problem with the blood results.
We will shave your hair at first.

10 min. Dressing

First washing
Transfer back to airport
So the transfers from/to airport, hospital and hotel
Shampoo /Lotion

Stay in Istanbul is 3 days and 2 nights – in case if operation will be on same day of your arrival
4 days and 3 nights – in case if operation will be next day after arrival

The packages we propose are:
Transfer + Hotel (2 nights) + Hair Transplant + Medicines + Dressing + Shampoo & Lotion + Bandana
Transfer + Hair Transplant + Medicines + Dressing + Shampoo & Lotion + Bandana

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there will be any questions.